Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Domestic Goddess Candles Have LAUNCHED!

Launch party for Domestic Goddess candles, held in conjunction with BMS's Girls' Night Out, was at the amazing Savannah Hope Vintage. Here my friend Jen (second from left) with her friend the birthday girl (far left), Denise Goodbar (second from right) and Pamela Schuckman (far right) of Oak Lane Designs,
bought the last of the sugar cookie candles!

As I was driving up Boonton Main Street to get to the Girls' Night Out launch of my Domestic Goddess candles, I got a vibe similar to the night that ArtWalk was held. The street was packed with traffic, and everywhere I looked I saw women in green boas (the town gave out goodie bags filled with treats, and a lime green boa, to anyone who paid $5). The spirit of the night was alive. After the horrendous week we all had, complete with snow and downed power lines, the positive vibe of the night was a very welcome change.

I had hoped to park close to Savannah Hope Vintage, the shop that was hosting the event, but as I drove by (no spots), I looked in and saw that the shop was packed. I was so excited. Finally, I found a spot at the top of the hill across from SHV. This street is steep like Hyde Street in San Francisco. Walking down the hill in 6" heels was no easy task. Embarassed, but not stupid, I walked sideways, like when you are on a double black diamond in skis and decide to bail. The short walk felt like forever and, more than once, I contemplated taking off my shoes. I kept this walk up until I reached the handrail, then did a step-step- grab with the handle. By the time I reached the bottom, I felt both proud (that I made it in one piece) and mortified (that the throngs of people walking and driving by may have noticed me).

The store looked amazing. I wish I had taken photos when I'd first walked in, before all the yummy chocolates were eaten. Andrea made all sorts of delectables, including bite size chocolate cupcakes, brownies, and (wait for it), homemade marshmallows. To. Die. For. Especially the chocolate raspberry ones. Incredible. As I was looking around, the Skyclad Gallery owner, Dean, came in and told me to try the Chocolate Martinis. They weren't just so good, they were can-I-please-have-the-recipe-now so good. And then there were the chocolate moustache lollipops that she made. 

I didn't get many shots of the food or drinks 'til night's end. But if you had a taste
of these martinis, you will remember how good they were.

Lots of my friends came out, and I got to meet a lot of new people as well. Since Andrea made moustache lollipops, I had people pose with them for photos...

I love this photo, especially because the guy on the right has a chocolate moustache over his real one!

Fine artist Valerie Golden mugs for the camera.

Here, my very good friend (family, really) poses with a chocolate handlebar moustache.
Melissa, you are so beautiful, even with a moustache!

We had such a great night.  Midway through the event, Andrea had sold out of the Sugar Cookie candles (someone even bought the sample) and was selling all the candles so quickly that she had to remove the ones from the display window. The response was amazing, and so was the feedback. I am literally ready to pass out from sheer exhaustion (my eyes keep closing, no joke!), but wanted to first right this blog post. Andrea DeMorest, you put on one hell of a party. It could not have been better. No way!

The best hairdresser I know, Amy Salas, (who also happens to be ridiculously cool)
along with Andrea, who I  had to beg to get even one photo of her.

I want to thank you all so much for coming out and making this night extra-special. My good friend Tray didn't get photographed, but I want you to know Tray, that you are with us in spirit in this blog, and I want you to send me a photo of you with your candles. Neither did Ann B.C. It was amazing seeing you again. And thank you to Karen Brennfleck and Cynthia Korman (both of whom I didn't get photos of but wished I did) for joining us. Karen, let me know what you think of that Evergreen Swag!

And for the record, while I did wear 6" heels, by the end of the night they were off. Of course, as I was preparing to head home, I got a call that my son wanted fruit. Instead of sliding back into the shoes, I put on my winter Sportos. Good night, y'all, and thanks for coming out!

Started in my sparkly Wizard of Oz-ish shoes.

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  1. Just woke up and feel hungover from all of the FUNN! I had the best time last night. I'm glad I got to meet you. I just came out for girl's night, and happened upon the shop. Going to start following your blog and I love my candle (warm mulled cider). It smells like thanksgiving. Your shoes were so fun, too.