Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pink or Blue? It's Up to You.

I hope you've enjoyed your weekend thus far, and that your Thanksgiving was a peaceful one spent with loved ones (thanks to Ward and his family for a super thankful day). Before I start decorating the interior of my home for Christmas (I did hang some lights inside, and the house has been modestly decked), I was looking around my house and enjoying these little spaces that I've created on a whim, by color. 

First, the exterior of my house...
I love basic red and green. Nothing fancy. Ever.

Next is my pink collection...
At right, hand drawn and painted deer silhouette in a frame from the 50s (by Johnny Vintage's Jonnie Anderson); at center, T+W hand carved on old white rustic wood by The Lonely Heart on etsy; at right, handmade ornament (complete with fork and cool flower detail) by Andrea DeMorest from Savannah Hope Vintage.
And the blue...
At top, "Be Nice or Leave" hand painted sign, found at Maison Decor in Madison; "High Maintenance" was a print accented with blue nail polish dots, given to me 6 years ago by the artist himself, Daniel Belardinelli; bottom is a painting that I saw and wanted a year ago at my local hardware store, Major Hardware. It wasn't for sale, but just recently, the kindly gave it to me, for no reason at all (signed Rosa Vill or Rosa Viel). How lovely!

Post some of your little vignettes on my page. I'd love to see them.

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