Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Moonstruck for Hot Cocoa

My son is a huge hot cocoa fan. He usually has one cup every day, beginning in late fall and ending sometime in mid-Spring. For years, I bought him Swiss Miss, but once Dash of Thyme Gourmet opened in Denville, I saw the opportunity for better hot cocoa.

We started, quite successfully, with Fireside Cocoa. My son loved the Chocolate Truffle. Loved. He had it for a while, since I was smart an bought a couple cans of it. As soon as we ran out, though, I hurried back to Dash of Thyme for more.

Alas, they were sold out.

I saw a couple of other options, and chose based on packaging. (I'm a fool for packaging.) The container is so romantic, and it's called Moonstruck Classic Hot Cocoa. I picked one up and took it home.

(L to R) My ceramic coffee mug, that looks like a typical diner to go cup, was a gift from Ward a couple of Christmasses ago. I love drinking from it. Next is the Fireside Caramel Chocolate that I drink (my son didn't dig the caramel). The Better Milk for Better Health vintage milk bottle, found at Savannah Hope Vintage, holds my mini marshmallows. And then there's the Moonstruck Classic Hot Cocoa.

I wanted to see if my son would like this cocoa, but didn't tell him it was a different brand. I just called from the kitchen, "Want hot cocoa?" to which he responded, "Sure." Though you are supposed to make it with hot milk, I used hot water in the bottom half the cup, and stirred 'til it was melted. Then I added organic whole milk to make it more creamy and cool it off. I topped it with the usual, mini marshmallows. I didn't ask how it was, but instead watched and waited.

He took a cautious first sip, to make sure it wasn't hot. And then another, and another. "Good?" I asked. He nodded yes. He drank the whole thing, and even asked for a second cup. It was that good.

Moonstruck Hot Cocoa is available locally at Dash of Thyme Gourmet, 49 Broadway in Denville. If you're out of the area, you can order online at Moonstruck Chocolate.

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