Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moustaches in Movember (I'm a Mo Sista)

It's funny that I received a moustache message about Movember today. Funny because last Friday, at BMS's Girls' Night Out, Andrea DeMorest of Savannah Hope Vintage made Mr. Moustache chocolate pops for the party. All sorts of moustache types including the Burt Reynolds, the Salvador Dali, and handlebar moustaches.

The photo that accompanied the moustaches in Movember was very cool, so I decided to do a little research about it. I went to the official Movember - Face Grown & Hand Brushed page to get the details. As October is breast cancer awareness month, November is moustache season. Stay with me. There's a cause attached to it.

During the month of November, men are asked to grow moustaches to raise both awareness and funds for prostate and other cancers that affect men. While it started November 1st (registration info at www.movember.com), men start clean shaven and then allow a moustache to grow (trimming and waxing is allowed) for the month. These men are called Mo Bros, and the women who support them are called Mo Sistas. This is a visual statement to bring awareness, much like pink signifies breast cancer awareness.

Men who register get sponsored by people like you and me, and the money raised goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Awareness & Education, the Global Action Plan, and to LIVESTRONG.

Women can rock a moustache in a cheekier sort of way. Movember's online shop sells a demistasse moustache necklace which range in style and price, beginning at $38 and going up to $3,800 (pave diamonds and 14k gold). $8 of each necklace sale goes to Movember's fundraising efforts.

I prefer to send my $8 to them myself, and wear my cool wooden moustache. Mine is made by a New Jersey mom who repurposes old skateboards into jewelry, key chains, purse mirrors and more. Her moustache necklaces are sold locally at Savannah Hope Vintage; that's where I got mine this summer.

Me and my Movember moustache. Both the earrings and 'stache
are by Seven Ply Designs, available at Savannah Hope Vintage in Boonton.

As I am writing this, my friend sent me a message asking me where I got mine (Hey, Rhonda!). They are made by Seven Ply Designs, but when I checked, I didn't see moustache necklaces on the web page. So hurry up and get yours at Savannah Hope Vintage before Andrea sells out of them. Savannah Hope Vintage, 906 Main Street, Boonton. And please, send some cash to Movember. Click here to donate. I'm making my donation in honor of an amazing man, and survivor.


  1. In Honor of DG and Movember I will gladly make chocolate moustache pops for anyone who donates. starting next Wednesday I will have the pops on hand in the shop.

  2. Thank you! I am donating so I will be in for mine next week :)