Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Waxed

Less than a month ago, I hand poured my first batch of candles, on a whim. I've done it most of my life, on and off, but never for myself. I decided to start a line that followed the blog, thus the name Domestic Goddess candles. My friend Andrea De Morest, owner of Savannah Hope Vintage, offered to launch my candles at a Girls' Night Out event on November 4th, and I excitedly agreed. Now, less than three weeks later, I am in nine stores! (see below for details)

I make candles both at my home and at a place that I call Domestic Goddess Land. First, I wash each glass by hand, then set the wicks with wick wax. After the wax melts in the melter, I add the fragrance and hand mix it (when at home, I use a metal spoon). Next, I open the spout and pour the fragranced wax into a hand pitcher, and hand pour the candle. The candles are of the highest quality and at 8% (a strong percentage), the scents are custom made for me, and each candle is hand poured.

Here, my man Ward packs my wax into a box. He cut 60 lbs. of wax
with a saw today, so that I can fit it into my melter. What a man!

My at-home melter.

I don't know if I am repeating myself. I am so tired from all the work, but so excited, too. And really, I  want to thank each store for carrying my line, and all of you for buying my candles. I am excited and proud.

After Tuesday, I will be getting ready for Thanksgiving and (spoiler alert) will be baking cookies for all of the shop owners who carry DG Ltd. Tomorrow night, read about Small Business Saturday, and then Tuesday night, I will be posting my winter stock up list (wood included).

If you haven't checked out my candles yet, please go to any of the below listed stores to shop for them! They are currently being sold in New Jersey, New York (the Hamptons), Rhode Island, and Hong Kong.

Local shops include Savannah Hope Vintage in Boonton, Surprises In Store and Dash of Thyme Gourmet in Denville; Saplings in Caldwell, Maison Decor in Madison, and Montville Florist in Montville. In New York, try Annyx in Sag Harbor and Steph's Stuff in East Hampton. Cool Beans Cafe in Narragansett, RI will have my candles on Wednesday, and they are shipping out Tuesday to Polkadot Boutique in Hong Kong. Shops that want to sell DG candles can contact me at If I think that your shop is a good match for my candles, I will set up a meeting with you. Thank you!

Polkadot Boutique in Hong Kong

Annyx in Sag Harbor

Saplings in Caldwell

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