Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Champagne (then back to vacuuming)

Everything worthwhile takes time. Yes, it takes grunt work and lots of energy. It takes believing that it will all work out the way we expect. But in the end, getting to relax with a nice glass of champagne to celebrate, it's all worth it.

Marilyn Monroe drinking champagne.
I'm mortified to say that my house is a total mess. It's almost unbearable. The addition is complete and now the house needs a good vacuuming, the hardwood floors need to be waxed, the bath needs to be scrubbed, and there are about 20 loads of laundry that need to be washed. The washed laundry needs to be put away. My laundry situation is so bad that I seriously, I swear, thought of just washing everything, throwing it all into some big bags, and donating it. I hate folding my own laundry, because I just have nowhere to put it. Oh, and nothing fits, but that's something else entirely (something I'd rather not discuss, thank you very much).

It's all because of the candle line I've just launched. I'm in eight stores (see listing below) in just three weeks, and since I do mostly everything including wash the glasses, set the wicks, blend fragrance into the melted wax, hand pour each candle, set the wicks with wick clips, design and print the labels then stick them, make the sales contacts and calls (only to stores that fit the product), drop off (and ship) samples, handle accounts payable and receivable, do promotions, and decide on fragrances, well, I'm a bit busy. I refuse to let it take me away from my family, but outside of that, I've pretty much let everything slide. Lunches with friends (though I did get my quick coffee catch up with MK and KP, and got to meet Kevin Jonas as a bonus), mani/pedis, working out, and cleaning has all taken a backseat. So if I've been MIA, please don't take it personally.

Big breath. I've launched my final fragrance for the year; actually just poured it today. While I am still looking for independently owned, well-presented shops, the ones that are currently selling are almost entirely stocked; some are getting big shipments, and the rest are just waiting for me to supply them with my most recent fragrance, the one that ties the bow atop the box of Domestic Goddess Winter 2011 releases.

The fragrance? Champagne Sparkle.

Champagne Sparkle, by Domestic Goddess Ltd. (that's me!)
I was choosing between three scents, and my friend Lisa W. was with me when I was testing. She and I both agreed on this particular fragrance (all of my fragrances are custom blends), and it's amazing. When it was in it's wax batch, it had a strong, sweet scent. In the hardened wax, it smells just like a popped bottle of bubbly. It's sweet, crisp, and almost has a citrusy twist to it. We burned it after school and all night tonight, and the smell was really very refreshing and blended well with everything, even our taco dinner.

Scarlet Johanson surrounded by champagne.
If you are local and looking for this scent, I can tell you that I am supplying it to Dash of Thyme on Broadway in Denville, and Savannah Hope Vintage on Main Street in Boonton, on Friday. Other shops that sell Domestic Goddess candles and may be carrying this particular fragrance are Surprises in Store on Broadway in Denville, Maison Decor on Main Street in Madison, Montville Florist in Montville, and Saplings in Caldwell. If you live in the Hamptons, Annyx in Sag Harbor is getting their order shipped out tomorrow, and Steph's Stuff on Newtown in East Hampton will have the Champagne Sparkle by early next week. Lastly, I am hosting a pop-up holiday shop at a space we rented (106 Broadway in Denville, it's the Gallery at River's Edge, across from Stewart's) on Small Business Saturday 11/26, where I will be selling all of my fragrances, and many other great sellers will be there as well. I don't normally do these kinds of sales, but it's going to be a fun day. I always prefer, though, that you buy from a store that sells Domestic Goddess candles. Look for the sticky in the window:

Look for this sticky in the window, then go shop for your very own DG candle.
And now, as a tribute to champagne, here are some fabulous photos that remind us that champagne shouldn't just be for special occasions. It should be an everyday drink. (Heck, I'll even take Prosecco.)

My toast to you: A good happy life, healthy, and filled with sparkly moments.

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