Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And Now That It's Over...

Valentine's Day is over!    

So, my house is cream colored with black shutters and red accents. Given this fact, my hearts and cupids look really pretty against the backdrop of my home, and I am kind of sad to take them down. Plus, this weekend I am organizing a homemade and hand spun winter shop to benefit the Denville K - 8 school system, so the concept of love is still sort of on the brain. The shop is called LOVE ART, and sellers are bringing homemade jewelry, accessories, baked goods, hand bound journals, vintage items, crocheted pieces, and more. (Join us!) W and I will be there, too, selling our town happy note cards. If nothing else, I am feeling the love of this sale. Technically, love is a feeling so I can sort of justify leaving the decorations up, right? I mean, for me, Valentine's Day is more about the decorating and the baking than it is about the actual holiday.

But the thing, too, is that I like the house to have a break in between holidays, and St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching. This weekend, I will be a the gallery most of the time, hanging the group art show that opens on the 26th, and setting up the tables for the winter shop, so I don't see having lots of free time to take down my decorations this weekend. Maybe this sounds trite, but for someone who needs a strong visual appeal, decorating matters.

This Friday, it is supposed to be 63* and all I am thinking about is spring. Yesterday was a teaser, at 60*, and when it gets warm like this, I want to throw open the windows, clear out the house, and dance. February's cupids don't play well with warm weather.

Until I decide, I will be thinking of the new trees that Bill LaFlesh will be planting in my backyard soon, planning outdoor workouts (yes, I am back in the swing of working out!), and getting elbow deep in spring cleaning. And now, I am off to blast Ludacris's "Stand Up" and load the dishwasher. Hehe.


  1. I like the bulletin board at school. Keep those hearts up, and maybe even add more.

  2. Thank you, Anon. Maybe I will.

    Oh, and my house has been stripped of it's Valentine's Day decor. It feels good. Moving right along...