Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello, Goodbye, and a Weekend of Love (Art)

I am so excited for this day. It kicks off a two weekend love fest that I've been anticipating for months. Now, now, it's not what you think (my God people, I'd never divulge that much). I am referring to two weekends of celebrating love at the gallery.

You all know that I am a fool for all things love, and the "goddess" part of domestic goddess is what keeps love going. Love and the things that make it incredible needs to be tended to, in every aspect, in all ways. Living a life that allows the everyday to be romanticized is the best way to keep love strong.

I will spend the first part of the weekend hanging beautiful works of art, both paintings and photography, for our show that opens the following weekend. I will then spend Sunday at our handmade and home spun winter shop. There will be vendors selling handmade accessories and home goods, crocheted blankets and scarves, original note cards, and vintage items. Sweets, too. It's going to be fun, and 10% of the sales are going back to the local school system. Pretty cool.

The weekend following, my group show Love Is will have it's opening reception. I cannot tell you how exciting this is for me. All of the artists will be at the opening, save for two; Katy Keuter, who lives in Italy, and Shane Srogi, who is in Florida. We will have champagne and strawberries, and a night filled with conversation about art. The thing about art, as with writing, theater, all that, is that the discussion around it is often creative, expressive and non-judgemental. There's something very lovely about that.

During the week between the winter shop and the art opening, I will be taking my son into the city to the Museum of Modern Art, specifically to see the Picasso: Guitars exhibit (he is a guitar player, after all) and On to Pop featuring Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. Later in the week, perhaps I will take him to see George Condo: Mental States at the New Museum. Check it out by clicking here

But before all this, I am die cutting my grandfather's old music sheets (love songs) into hearts to make a mobile for my bedroom. Hearts, and the word love, will dangle from thin string sent to me from Italy (from Katy Keuter) so that every morning when I wake up and look out the window, my first thought will be LOVE.

And regarding the Hello, Goodbye: I have shut down my personal facebook page. It will remain in place to run The Domestic Goddess Files page, but I will not be reading posts or messages from it anymore. That's the Goodbye. The Hello is both for the added DG page, and the DG Twitter account called read the DG files (I have no idea how to use it, except to post blog links on there, so don't expect too much). Have a love filled, heARTfelt weekend!

(Saturday's Update: Didn't get to the die cutting center last night and couldn't wait, so I hand cut the parts for the mobile myself. The lettering could be better; as I've said, it isn't perfect, but LOVE never is. Here's how I woke up to the mobile this morning...)

Now I just need prettier blinds. Waking up to LOVE was really nice.


  1. Love. Is. Art.
    Art. Is. Love.

  2. Tiffany! I am so excited about the art show kicking off tomorrow. I really do wish I could be there to help you! Thank you for the prayers for Iris, this week has been a long one but the MRI she had ruled out anything serious and we are very thankful. They are testing her for celiac which we think she does have. This test takes one month to get back to us, she is on a gluten free diet in the meantime. I am hoping to finally get back in the swing of things with my shop and blog this weekend. I came home to some sweet Valentines in the mail!! This really lifted my spirits. xoxo katy

  3. Oh wonderful news all around! I was thinking some sort of food allergy, since she's had it for years. Celiac makes sense. So glad it's nothing serious.

    Glad you liked the Valentine! I love the soap (so beautifully wrapped) that was packed with the art. I am hanging all the work today, so I will send you a photo of your work once it's up and I'm able to post. Will be blogging about it on Wednesday...

    p.s. Used the thread you wrapped around the last two pieces of art that you sent me to make my mobile. I am adding it to this blog momentarily for you to see!