Thursday, February 10, 2011

Come On Now

It's nearly Valentine's Day. I am so excited because not only is it a day that celebrates love, but it means we are that much closer to spring.

Despite the mile high snow mounds, my dreams of fresh grass and budding tulips abound. Unfortunately, everywhere I look, I still see Christmas wreaths. Christmas! Can you believe it?

Most of the homes in my town are still decorated for Christmas. Um, Christmas is over. Long over. Let's put it this way. Christmas happened over six weeks ago. 

Someone get me a megaphone, "People, take down your Christmas decorations already."

Don't blame it on the snow. I took down my wreaths, and the endless swags of garland roped with lights all over the outside of my house, and the archway to the garden. I am a single mom who did it all myself, despite the cold. If I could do it, anyone could. There is no excuse for Christmas in February.

My windows have cupids of varying sizes floating on them, the door has glittery hearts, and there are celebratory banners in my house. It is festive, in celebration of Valentine's Day. I have seen about five or so homes in town that have put up hearts, and for those I am thankful. 

I don't know that I am urging people to put up Valentine's Day decorations, because my thought is that if you still have your Christmas decorations up, chances are that even if you do swap them for hearts, you won't be taking those down anytime soon. It's just that, when I see them in February, the Christmas decorations depress me. It's like living in the past.

After Valentine's Day is St. Patrick's Day, and then Easter. Let's give them their time in the sun, and not allow the spirit of Christmas past to outshine them.


  1. Funny - I thought of you over the weekend when I saw someone still had Christmas decorations on their front lawn - and they were lit up!

  2. How funny! They are still everywhere. It's driving me craZZZZZZZy!

  3. I happened to catch an episode of "Cougar Town" last week. It's a half hour comedy starring Courtney Cox (from "Friends"). Well I am laughing so hard, wish you would haver seen it. It was the same scenario and the one character actually did get a bull horn and yell at her neighbors..."Take down your Christmas decor already it's Valentine's Day people come on!!!"