Monday, February 28, 2011

Show and Tell Monday - Art (what?!) Opening

For today's show and tell, I wanted to show you photos of all the art and photography from Saturday's exhibit, but there are just so many! We had over 200 guests at the exhibit, sold a bunch of work, and went through countless bottles of champagne. Boy, cleaning up today was rough.  Since there are so many photos to sort through, I am posting my photoshare page for you to peruse, and then will put up a few that are fun to see (they are also on the share).

Please take the time to check out the art and photography by clicking here. KT40's fans (Katy Keuter) will like seeing her work hanging on the walls (in the share album). And to you Katy, your work got lots of compliments!

Here's a few that really made us smile.

Marco Cutrone's beautiful mother, standing amongst the crowd.
Cablevision's own Ruth Gimbel taking a photo of me taking one of her.
A bit of the crowd.
 Daily Record reporter Matt Heinle!, and his friend Amy.
Ghost sister. Mary Vogt and her fiance are a veil of themselves.
The beautiful and talented Andrea DeMorest, owner of Savannah Hope Vintage.
I love how Vlad (center) and Carol (R) both have the same expressions,
and the two women on the left have a patterned pause.
Beautifully, the Brenners.


  1. Tiffany I am so thrilled you shared this today! It looks like it was such a fun night and look at all these wonderful people you got to hang out with. Thank you for having me be a part of this it has been such a bright moment for me this month!

  2. Wicked awesome time

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