Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheap Chip Clips (and fun, too)

I have one chip clip, a freebie from my bank. I rarely use them, so never thought to buy them and only kept this one because I thought it was a good idea. But yesterday my son needed two, and since I only had one, I decided to go get some. But the idea of buying anything that cannot be recycled or that will not biodegrade, that will end up in a pile of waste, is just something I cannot do anymore.

Bill Maher mentioned that all this snow may have something to do with global warming, and I have to agree. It can't hurt to buy sparingly and with some degree of thought.

Thinking about chip clips made me realize that they could easily (and cheaply) be purchased for under $4, for like, 40 of them. Use wooden clothespins as chip clips. Voila!

They clip the bags shut, can be decorated by painting or drawing with markers. Easy, fun, and made of wood!


  1. Chip clips are cool

  2. too cool for school xox
    i'm making you some.

  3. chip clips could be wooden clothes pins stamped with sayings like..."don't eat the whole bag chubbie"... lololol

  4. omg. that is too funny. who are you, anon? you crack me up!

  5. climb the 4 flights and you will see it's me!

  6. okay, I got excited and took the "don't eat the whole bag, chubbie idea." it wouldn't all fit, but I did make some fun ones. enjoy: