Monday, February 7, 2011

Show and Tell Monday - Roses

I am knee deep in cleaning. I get this way while reading through my monthly subscription of House Beautiful. The homes look so great, and it's not because of what's in them, it's because of what's not. They're neat. I have great hardwood floors, lots of fabulous art, and photos of loved ones. I just need to keep things neat. (Oh, if only my son's drum set wasn't situated right off the kitchen!)

For show and tell Monday, I am going to brag, brag, brag about something my loving boyfriend did for me. A few days ago, he sent me this gorgeous display of roses. So beautiful, and just the pick up that I need during this snowy, endless winter. I love them, and today, four days after I got them, they look (and smell) as good as ever.

Roses, in bloom. Thanks baby.


  1. Okay this guy is a keeper!!!(but I am sure you already knew this:)

  2. Haha, I did, but it's always nice to hear...