Thursday, February 17, 2011

Privacy, Real Life, and Old-Fashioned Living

I love the Internet. I love that I can write a blog post, publish it, and minutes later have people reading it all across the country. I love that I have gotten back in touch with old friends, like Lori Kauf and that I get to hear about their lives. I love that minutes after my favorite show, Parenthood, is over, I get to read what other people thought about the show, and I can thank the powers that be for yet another brilliant show.

I have had facebook accounts in the past, and inevitably there comes a point where I feel that I have to shut them down. I have said that quitting facebook is like quitting smoking: it takes a few tries before you finally get it right. Facebook is a wonderful tool if you use it as such. I love it mostly because of (again) the Parenthood fan page. Can you tell that I am obsessed with this show? I don't want to give that up. I also love that when I am home sick, or in the dumps, there is always someone there to talk to. Even in a snowstorm.

Recently, though, I've had a couple of facebook events that have caused some drama. Creepy followers, weird messages, virtual break-ins. Yes, I can block these people, but blocking inevitably leads to more drama. My phone number is available publicly, since I use it for work to promote events. Unfortunately, I am easily contacted. So blocking on facebook and causing hurt feelings will be followed with a phone call, at least from the crazies. I know this to be true. In an attempt to increase privacy, I am closing my personal facebook page. I have created a Domestic Goddess Files page, to post my blog and receive blog comments. Somehow, comments on my writing doesn't phase me.

I am happy to say that my real life is in the best place it's ever been. Everything feels so right, and I am enjoying being exactly where I am. When the only stress in my life is facebook drama, there are two lessons. 1) life is good, and 2) close the personal facebook account.

My friends know how to get in touch with me by email, and by telephone. Dinner and drinks are always a nice way to connect, too. You know, the way we used to do it before we became addicts of social networking. I guess I am an addict in recovery. Readers, I appreciate you more than I could ever explain, I hope you will continue to read, follow me, LIKE my facebook page (you can click here on my page (left side) to LIKE it -- so easy, that facebook ;)

Tomorrow, I will be making my St. Patrick's Day decorations, and a music notes mobile for my bedroom. I will be blogging about it with pictures and instructions. Oh, and a Mardi Gras King Baby cake recipe will also be posted next week.  And finally, I will be going to the MoMA with my son, to see the Warhol exhibit. Something I cannot wait to do. Lots to share so keep posted.

And most of all, thanks for reading the Domestic Goddess Files.


  1. I will always read your blog. Promise.

  2. me too, even if I do have to climb 4 flights of stairs to do so...