Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Domestic Goddess Loves... (shops, repairs, eateries)

Welcome to The Domestic Goddess Loves... a new post type that will occur randomly, and will have a theme. When better to kick it off than on the first day of the month that celebrates love, and black history, and heart health. Not to mention KT's birthday (happy birthday, girl).  Today's theme is shops, but I will be focusing on all sorts of things; websites, foods, ideas, books, music, you name it.

Here's what I love today (shops, repairs, eateries):

Pete's Denville Diner
I hate to do this. Pete's is the best diner I have ever been to in my life. I don't want to start sending you all there, because I want to keep it for myself, but that just wouldn't be fair. The owner is very interested in good food, and knows quality. They make the best sandwiches, salads, omelets, and more. Always try their desserts, made from scratch by the owner herself.
Pete's Denville Diner, 17 Broadway, Denville, NJ 973.625.3133

Mountain Lakes Motors
Whether you need an oil change or a repair on your car, this is the place to go. Their building is a beautiful stone building, that feels very, well, Laker. I've been going their for years, and love that the mechanics really know what they are doing and are very honest. Mountain Lakes Motors does good work with competitive prices. 
Mountain Lakes Motors, 12 Baldwin Lane, Mountain Lakes, NJ 973-334-4992

Grassroots Natural Market
This is a health food store, and more. You can pick up food there, and eat it on one of their cafe tables. In the summer, they provide outdoor seating. Pick up vitamins, supplements, groceries, cleaning supplies and more. Erik Laracuente, the market's Chef De Cuisine, used to skate waxed curbs in parking lots all around the Lincoln Park/Wayne area with my ex-husband. I've known him for years, and I am proud to say that he is one heck of a chef. His forbidden rice is to die for, as is his (oh my God) macaroni and cheese. The salads are amazing, too. You will like everything you try. Fresh, healthy foods that taste delicious. You must try his cooking, and please, tell him I sent you.
Grassroots Natural Market, 20 First Avenue, Denville, NJ 973-627-5440

This is no surprise to my readers. This shop is great because the owner sells all sorts of handmade items from artisans (and also things that she makes), while she also refinishes beautiful, vintage furniture, and makes it fabulous. Think furniture that might be sold at Anthropologie, for a fraction of the cost. Locals should check out the store. Everyone else can shop her etsy store by clicking here.
Savannah Hope Vintage, 418 Main Street, Boonton, NJ 201.707.7447

Electric Lotus Tattoo and Piercing
Mamas, time to get your kids names permanently inked on your skin, perhaps even in a heart. I had my son draw hearts, write his name, and write the word love for me, and then had it all tattooed on my wrists (three different ones, over a period of four years). It's been a while since my last one, but with seven already, I had to recommend my favorite tattoo shop. Electric Lotus is family owned, and the tattoo artists are all very good. Super sanitary, too. This is my go-to place for tattoos and piercings.
Electric Lotus Tattoo and Piercing, 912 Main Street, Boonton 973-402-2777

Roma Pizzeria and Restaurant
Anytime we want pizza, we head up to Roma. I bring their pizza to school, have it for parties, and try to have a meal in their dining room every once in a while. (My mom loves their eggplant parmesan, my son loves the fried calamari, my dad loves the pizza.) Oh, and remember to call ahead and order your heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day.
Roma Pizzeria and Restaurant, 709 Main Street, Boonton 973-335-1614

More The Domestic Goddess Loves... coming soon. Look for it.


  1. I like this new posting it is a great idea! So your friend KT has a B-day today? I am in this month too, this is to funny since we already share the kt:) happy b-day to her!

  2. Yes, imagine that I had two wonderful kt's in my life. Both of you are in the art show, too.

  3. Winter babies rule :)