Friday, October 15, 2010

Beeswax Candle Trick

Are beeswax candles magic? Probably not, but they may work some magic in the kitchen.

After reading my blog post about my eyes welling up with tears while cutting onions, a reader and friend, Debbie Z., commented something worth sharing. She read, or maybe heard, that Martha Stewart says that burning a beeswax candle while cutting onions will keep your eyes from tearing. Though Miss Debbie never tried it, it sure sounds like it's worth a shot.

Today, at Grassroots Natural Market in Denville, I saw a display of Big Dipper Wax Works Beeswax candles and remembered what Debbie Z. says. I was delighted at my find, and the Big Dipper candles are just plain gorgeous to have on the counter (pictured above in my kitchen - see?) so I got one.

Now, during my most recent cutting extravaganza, I was wise enough to cut and freeze a bunch of onions and I won't need to be cutting for a week or two. I didn't want you to wait for the tip, though, and I wanted to send a hearty thanks to Debbie for passing it along.  The next time I'm dicing onions, I will give it a try and let you all know how it goes.

Thanks again, Debbie Z., and everyone please keep the tips coming!


  1. This works for me. Have you still not tried it?

  2. Yes, I tried it. I love the candles, but they don't keep my eyes from tearing...