Sunday, October 31, 2010

What Happened to Thanksgiving?

Halloween is just hours away. And while I head into the holiday completely ready to go, on November 1st, the house is stripped of Halloween decor. Oh, how I hate when the decorations linger past the holiday! It's over. Let's move on.

As I prepare for the next holiday, Thanksgiving, I am shocked at how there is nothing on the shelves in terms of decorations. Okay, not nothing, there are a few lame pilgrims around, but that's about it. I just wanted to find a turkey or two, and not something so generic that everyone else has something similar in their houses.

Those shelves are stocked with something, though. Since mid-October, they've been jam packed with all-things Christmas. I am happy to see those things in November. But mid-October? Have we hopped right over Thanksgiving?

Now, I usually do my shopping at independent establishments in town, and the neighboring town, and when I cannot find stuff there, I go to etsy. I love etsy's homemade shops, as much as I love supporting local businesses. But really, none of them have much to offer. I even tried Home Goods. Nothing.

What's a girl to do?

Maybe I'll make a cornucopia, or just get out my old pine cone garland. I just wish there was something that would make the house really festive. Something very November, you know?

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