Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Countdown

Tomorrow is my son's Halloween party. I've been planning (sort of) for weeks. I've been thinking about what needed to be done, gathering supplies, and decorating. Yesterday, I rolled the marshmallows on sticks into melted chocolate and then sprinkles. They sat on parchment until the chocolate hardened, and then were individually bagged. Today, I tied these adorable little tags around them that say "Happy Halloween."

Tags by Little Pumpkin Papers on

Next, I gathered all the items that I will be putting out for our scavenger hunt, including masks, a wig, pixie sticks, colored fangs, rings, bones sunglasses, candy in little plastic heads, the list goes on... I put them in bags and boxes to make it easier to trek them out to the backyard tomorrow morning. I cannot set the hunt up too early, because animals and, perhaps, children might make their way into the backyard for early picking.

Just some of the party stash

I got the plates and napkins out, made lists for what I will need to get tomorrow (ice, "Caution" tape) before the party. I have to be well planned, because the party is at 4:30 p.m., and Ward and I are going to hang his art at his exhibit space at 2 p.m. The day has to run like a well-oiled machine, or it's gonna be trouble.

I've made the games list: scavenger hunt, bobbing for apples, mummy contest, three-legged race, and musical chairs. The food has been ordered. I'm ready to go.

Sleep won't come, though, because Round 3 of my endless course of steroids (for my unbearably clogged and ringing ear) is keeping me blasted awake. Oh dear.


  1. What a great party this is going to be!

  2. Ah, it was such fun! The kids had a fabulous time, and so did I.