Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Mother's Heirloom Stocking (and mine, and perhaps, yours too)

I've always been crazy jealous over my mother's childhood Christmas stocking. A friend of her mother's had knit it for her when she was just a kid. Her name is knitted on it, and there are various little plastic Christmas charms sewed on. She still has it. I always wanted one just like it.

For the past ten years, I've searched high and low for someone to make a stocking as special for my son. And for me, too. Just months after I'd given up hope, I was visiting Savannah Hope Vintage, looking at the EmmySox they sell. The topic of stockings came up, and Andrea (the shop's owner) told me that Emmy could make stockings for Christmas.

What? What's that I heard?

I can have my very own hand-knit stocking like the one my mother had. And my son can, too. And Ward, and the girls. Well, I am in hog heaven. I've ordered five, and I have scoured etsy for the best  little plastic charms to sew onto them. Good luck horseshoes, mini telephones (you know, like people used to use), cool donkeys, fish. I couldn't be more excited.

EmmyStockings ($25) will be available at Savannah Hope Vintage soon. I highly suggest you call or visit right away if you'd like to order one. My guess is that they will fly out the door.

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  1. My mom knitted stockings for my brother & I. My brother not being as sentimental as me didn't mind that I took them both when I got married and now my hubby and I use them. Ours don't have charms but they each have a different fuzzy snowflake character pin making them truly vintage and original.
    I love that my mom made my stocking w/ her own two hands while she was pregnant w/ me. So much hope and love went into it. And every year when I take it out of storage I just feel a soft whisper of my youth touch my heart.