Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day of Tears

I stood in my kitchen, blinking away tears. My son walked in from the next room and asked, "Mom? What's wrong?" Pointing at the counter I gestured at the white pile before me and blurted, "Onions."

Cutting onions, tear-free, is a task I have yet to master. I've been told that you just breathe through your mouth, but that technique hasn't worked for me. I've put my t-shirt over my mouth and nose, worn glasses, just about anything imaginable, and every time, tears.

Tomorrow, I will be making slow-cooker beef chili, and so I prepped today by chopping the onions. I put them in my mini food processor to let it do the work. I am great at chopping garlic, and herbs, veggies, too. Onions, though, just leave my face wet with tears. Still, to get them in the mini I have to quarter them, at the very least, and usually I cut them into bite size chunks before I process them.

Instead of doing this every time I have to use onions for a meal, I've decided to process a couple of onions and freeze them, limiting the tears down to just one day per week.

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