Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trucks and Stockings

My day started off with the oil man. At somewhere around 7:30 a.m., the Dixon Oil truck pulled up to refill my oil. This is a blessing to many, but especially to me. In the past, I've run out of oil at least twice annually, only on the coldest days of the year. My oil tank is tilted or piped improperly, I'm not sure, but that means that the last 8" of oil are untappable. Essentially, this means I run out of heat before I run out of oil, so the oil truck idling outside my home is always a really good thing.

As I was leaving to take my son to school, a second truck pulled up. A white work truck. My Italians are back, to put a window in my garage, and to paint my recently repaired shed. More good news.

Finally, after returning from school drop off, a third truck appeared. A teal blue Knight Electric truck was parked in my driveway. The electricians are here to move around some exterior lights, and to install my vintage pendant light from my favorite shop, Savannah Hope Vintage

Vintage light from Savannah Hope Vintage. The photo doesn't do it justice; you have to come see it for yourself.
Which reminds me, they are offering hand-knit Christmas stockings called EmmyStockings (great story, about Emmy - go to her page and read about it by clicking here). I ordered five for me, Ward, and the kids, and if you have any sense of sentimentality and want stockings for your family to treasure forever, I suggest you go order yours! See my blog on stockings tomorrow.

What a morning!

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