Monday, October 18, 2010

Into The Heart of Italy Dot Com (Mi auguro buona fortuna)

Is this a trick?

I just saw a commerical featuring Marisa Tomei, Dan Cortese, and Rocco DiSpirito. It says something about them cooking Italian foods and experiencing Italy, and yada yada yada Into the Heart of Italy Dot Com.

If you've been reading, and paying attention, you will know that I have all-of-a-sudden gotten deeply inspired to root back to the Italian percentage of my heritage, and learn the language. I've been listening to Italian lessons in song form, targeted at school aged Americans, attempting to understand and remember that "c" sounds like "chee." Reading "Keeping the Feast" only added fuel to (find my Italian roots) fire.

As I was logging into the website, my computer locked up, went blank, shut down, and will not reboot,  so I have yet to see what it's all about. I did see that it's a Bertoli website, however, and that there is a video with the Tomei, Cortese, and DiSpirito in it (random). They are in Tuscany, sitting outdoors drinking coffee. I am not sure what's next, as I have been forced to bogart my son's computer just to finish this blog.

However, I can say that I hope it's all shot in Italy, with cooking lessons from real Italian chefs. I hope that it offers tips I didn't know, in accents I long to hear. I hope it takes us to street vendors in Rome, and Venice, that it truly takes me into the heart of Italy.

And that it's more than just a plug for Bertoli products.  

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