Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So much for First Mom

I pride myself on being First Mom. First mom means that I am the first mom to get to school and wait for my son.

It started in kindergarten. I didn't want my son to ever have to wait for me, but there was a lot of traffic in the kindergarten circle and I was worried I'd be late. I decided to just get there really early for a prime spot, sit in my car, and read a book while waiting. It made life easy.

In first grade, I'd get out of the car and stand by the classroom and wave. It wasn't planned. One day, I was just peeking in, seeing what I can see. My son saw me, loved that I was there, and asked me to do it again, and again. In rain, in snow, in chilling weather, I'd stand outside. No matter what.

Second grade was easier. I could park right in front of the classroom and he'd see me. I read, talked to moms who walked by, and in nicer weather, I'd park then walk the Boulevard.  Third grade was the same, and by then, I started walking with other moms. The Wildwood walkers, we called ourselves.

Fourth grade (this year), I am back in the kindergarten circle. It's the main pick-up and drop off area for the front door. I am not sure why they call it the kindergarten circle, actually.

Today, for the first time ever, I was not only late, but 45 minutes late. Here's what happened. Apparently, the kids had early dismissal. I wasn't aware of it, didn't get the email in our virtual backpack, and didn't see anything about half days in October on the calendar. I did see early dismissal the day before Thanksgiving, though, so I made the assumption that the calendar I saw would have marked all half days.

Having not been to the gym in nearly eight months, Ward and I decided to go back today. The gym does not have cell service, and we walked in at 12:45 p.m. When we left an hour later, I saw I'd had a number of missed calls from the school. I called back and the secretary said, "Johnny's here." Of course he was. School was in session, I believed. I asked, "Is he okay?" And they said, "Yes, he's just waiting for you." I asked why, and they said school was dismissed at 1 p.m.

1 p.m.  Oh my. What must he have been thinking?

He told me how he'd run happily out of school looking for me, and I wasn't there. He searched and searched, and no mom. After 15 minutes, he went into the school to tell them I never came to pick him up, and the secretaries began calling me. Another 30 minutes later, I saw the missed calls, and called back. Ultimately, he waited 45 minutes and I failed at being there for him.

He thought I'd forgotten about him.

So much for first mom.


  1. I have done this tyoe of thing too! I always have my daughter give me the thumbs up that her swim practice is taking place, here sometimes they will cahnge at the last minute. The other day i wa sin such a rush I said no thumbs up today I don't have time....well of course practice was canceled and I had forgot my cell phone and when I go thome my husband told me she had called...lucky there had been another swimmer who had showed up and their parents were kind enough to wait at the pool with her until I got back...I felt so guilty! I shared this with a friend of mine and she said You should be proud that your daughter knew what to do, so I say the same thing to you You should be proud that you raised your son so that he knew just what to do that is a good Mom!:)

  2. Well, yes, I can see your point. I did tell him he did well, and learned he would be okay without me. Still, the guilt was rough, you know. I am glad to hear that I am not alone. Others have told me similar stories. We are all in the same boat, right?

  3. Awww don't stress you are still First Mom in my book & in Johnny's heart!