Monday, October 4, 2010

Lap Dog

I just met the sweetest dog in the world. I won't say her name, to keep things private, but let me tell you, she made quite an impression.

She is human like in her ability to communicate, following me around and looking up at me with her long-lashed eyes. She kept nudging me when I was talking to her owner, my friend, who explained that she just likes a hand on her. Apparently, it gives her comfort which I totally get. Frankly, I'm the same way. 

While all that is adorable, the thing that prompted me to write was what happened during the last five minutes of my time shared with her. My friend was driving me to my car, and was then going to take her dog on a walk, so we all got in the car together. It seems that this pup routinely rides in the front seat of the car. After I got in and she got in the back, she began literally nudging her nose forward, across my lap, and then shimmied her body along. It was both hysterical and adorable. Within ten seconds, she was laying across my lap with her nose on my knee. Mind you, she is not actually a lap dog. She's like, 75 lbs of dog. And boy, was she adorable. My friend offered to send her into the backseat, and after I said no thanks, she apologized until we both started laughing.

There is simply no way one could have a bad day with a sugar like this around.

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