Friday, October 22, 2010

Server Does Double Duty

My house isn't large. It fits my family well enough, has a beautiful brick fireplace, and enough of a wooded backyard to make me never want to move. It's been feeling a little tight, though, mostly due to a couple pieces of furniture that were too big for the space, and weren't serving enough of a purpose to justify that space.

One piece held my television. I only have one big television downstairs (a small one is in the kitchen to watch cooking shows) and though it's large, it's a flat screen. The bulky, black piece from Pier 1 was fine looking, but it's size and dark color overpowered the room.

I decided a while ago to begin the hunt for something smaller and white to take it's place. I love all the pieces at Savannah Hope Vintage; they are old and beautiful. They have great lines, and were built at a time when people took pride in their work and did things right. Solid wood, dovetailed drawers, and since the furniture is used, it's a very green choice to buy vintage.

After peeking around a couple of times, I finally asked the owner, Andrea, if she had anything that might work. She mentioned a sideboard, and when I looked, it was exactly perfect. Great lines, and amazing attention to detail. I took pictures with my cell, and they aren't great, but they drive the point home.  (I promise to take better pics for you to see, soon.)

The empty black piece, and corner of the Savannah sideboard.
I unwired the t.v., cable, and dvd player. Then I took everything out of the black piece. I moved everything into the Savannah piece (which has tons of storage space, and is Hallelujah! on wheels), then I rewired everything, moved the piece into place. Ward would have been the one to do this, but he is newly on crutches with a broken ankle, so I thought I'd give it a try. It amazed me that it was so easy to do, and I learned that the biggest hurdle for me was thinking that rewiring and moving furniture was a man's job. 

After. My beautiful sideboard with cable and t.v.
I wish the pic were better so you could see the amazing detail.
Later, my ex-husband came to pick up my son and was kind enough to take the giant piece to the basement. I did need help with that, since it's so bulky. My son loved seeing his father help, too, which was a very nice thing.

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