Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where Are You Going?

I've said this before, but in a less compact way. Thanks to Mr. Cohen for this brillant Op-Ed piece.

Please read the Op-Ed I've linked to below (ironically, online) and then go buy a book at the bookstore, preferably an independent one; or write a letter, stamp and mail it. Always, always hand-write your thank you notes and mail them. Make some dinner tonight, from scratch, or at least almost scratch. Call a friend, from a land line (please say you have one) instead of radiating your brain on the cell. Stop playing Farmville and go to a real farm. Go pumpkin picking or apple picking, and then make a pie. Bring it to a neighbor.

Start living in the real world instead of the virtual one. 

Here's that Op Ed. Print and save this. Maybe, even, make copies and send them to your friends, scribbling a note at the top with your thoughts. Change or Perish by Roger Cohen.

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